Welcome Message from IPPC Founder

I am delighted to welcome you to the IPPC Blog!

It has been a long-held dream of mine to give back to the coaching profession in a meaningful way by creating a community of experts, life-long learners and practitioners, for the purpose of sharing cutting-edge articles and resources related to the emerging field of Applied Positive Psychology Coaching.

I believe that coaching is a noble endeavour.  

I also believe that the practice of applied positive psychology coaching has the ability to transform and enrich the lives of many in a sustainable way.

As a professional coach and researcher, I have first-hand experience with the power of combining the noble endeavour of coaching with the science of applied positive psychology coaching.

The IPPC Blog is a virtual place where you can find evidence-based resources and research, tips and ideas from our esteemed faculty, coaches, mentors, researchers, and writers, on topics related to the science of Applied Positive Psychology Coaching, Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, and beyond.

The resources and ideas here can help facilitate positive change, greater meaning and success to your own life, your coaching practice and business.

I invite you to read and use the ideas and tips shared in these articles because they are all meant to help you “Do Good and Prosper™” as you make an even bigger impact on the wellbeing and prosperity of your life, clients and teams.

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