Starts November 2021 Limited Spaces

The Science of Wellbeing for Positive Psychology Coaching

Explore and understand the science of wellbeing and its associated theories.

Starts November 2021 Limited Spaces

The Science of Wellbeing for Positive Psychology Coaching

Explore and understand the science of wellbeing and its associated theories.

Course overview

Wellbeing Is A Science

The course introduces students to the Science of Wellbeing and its related theories, models and research base.

Students will explore and critique current approaches to wellbeing science. They will reflect on their understanding of Wellbeing and how this may support or hinder their coaching approach.

Students will learn about Positive Psychology interventions that boost Wellbeing and will trial these with in-session coaching conversations, expanding their understanding of how such interventions integrate within Positive Psychology Coaching.

Discover your

Course Learning Objectives

During the Science of Wellbeing for Positive Psychology Coaching course, you will:

Learning Objective #1

Expand understanding of their own definition of wellbeing and how this may impact their coaching.

Learning Objective #2

Understand the history of Wellbeing Science and the language of wellbeing.

Learning Objective #3

Gain knowledge of current wellbeing theories, models and research.

Learning Objective #4

Learn about and trial positive psychology interventions that boost wellbeing.

Learning Objective #5

Discuss and explore ways to integrate these new learnings into their coaching practice to benefit their clients.

Further details

Schedule, Format & Fees

This course is delivered online via four three hour live, interactive sessions on Zoom. In total, there are 12 live training hours across four weeks, plus assessments. Enrol for just $575 USD.

Week One

Introduction to Wellbeing Science

Week Two

Wellbeing theory: a deeper dive

Week Three

Positive psychology coaching and wellbeing interventions

Week Four

Applying theory in practice

Student Testimonials

Learn how the IPPC has helped people from all walks of life

"The IPPC truly embodies their values – Do Good and Prosper. If you’re looking to equip yourself with a strong foundation and practical practices of Positive Psychology and evidence-based coaching, you have come to the right place."
Sandra Tai
HR Consultant & Adjunct Mentor, Malaysia
"I’ve been coaching for 15 years and recognize the IPPC’s program as cutting edge. They combine empirical research, theories and models with real practical examples, blending fun interactive lectures with real support outside the classroom."
Satya Kartara-Leighton
CEO, BeInclusive, UK
"Every coach and leadership consultant can benefit from the IPPC’s certification program! I’m really impressed with the quality of instruction, resources, and other coaches. This program provides foundational knowledge to empower coaches and consultants."
Jason Roncoroni
Executive & Leadership Coach, US

Meet your instructor

Annalise Roache

Annalise Roache is a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), mentor and wellbeing researcher who is passionate about bringing Positive Psychology to life through coaching.

Through her business, The Coaching Toolbox Annalise has worked in both personal and workplace settings, with emerging leaders, managers, business owners and staff. Her motivation is fuelled by working with individuals to support them to live flourishing, happy and impactful lives. Annalise has mentored with several coaching schools and relishes working with coaches to support them on their learning and credentialing journey.

Annalise is one of the lead authors of the Ethical Guidelines for Positive Psychology Practice (2019), the first such guidelines for our field. In 2017 Annalise gained a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) from the University of East London) where she conducted an expressive writing randomised control trial exploring memory recall and coaching prompts to ameliorate wellbeing and depression. Annalise is a PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology. Her research explores Lay Theories of Wellbeing in New Zealand Adults.

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