SeeingHappy: Visualizing Well-being through Photography

A creative, interactive, and practical online workshop on how Photography and the Arts can be a powerful resource for coaches and practitioners to amplify positive emotions, happiness, wellbeing and resilience in themselves, in others, and the world.

Workshop Details

The Arts have a special arrow straight to our emotions. After all, we are visual before we are verbal so it makes a lot of sense when we say a photograph can transcend a thousand words. This means that we can connect and communicate with ourselves and with others emotionally through visual imagery – a photograph.

What we choose to photograph, what we see in a photograph, how we understand others through a photograph, all this can be used to see differently and show that we are not bound to see the same behavioral old patterns, believe the same old beliefs, react with the same old emotions, but we can choose to change our view and make it happier at the same time while making ourselves more resilient.

The basic premise from the field of Positive Psychology is that happy people live better lives and are more resilient when bad things happen. In the thirty years since its conception positive psychology has created the tools to measure happiness and has shown that it is teachable – there are now many well validated interventions to increase happiness.

As a positive psychologist, Mandy Seligman is well-versed in the science and the interventions. Photography, in her view, ticks all the boxes in the theory of well-being. Photography has the ability to make us happy and more able to deal with the stress of daily life. So when the pandemic hit, she used her camera more and more to boost her own well-being. She noticed many other people were doing the same, so very quickly the idea arose to create a community of people sharing their search for joy and happiness through their everyday photographs.

SeeingHappy was born as a community-based platform driven towards sharing how Photography and the Arts can build well-being and resilience.

Who is this workshop for?

Coaches, Practitioners & Professionals

This workshop – which is part of The Enrichment Series – is for coaches, practitioners and professionals without a coaching background who are interested in personal and professional development, and exposure to Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching, Evidence-Based Coaching, and beyond.

Discover your

Workshop Learning Objectives

During the workshop, you complete the following learning objectives.

Learning Objective #1

Learn about the creation of SeeingHappy - why and how photography as an art form can change the way we see the world for the better. This includes gaining a better understanding of the science of positive psychology on which SeeingHappy is based, the theory of PERMA, and how photography can be used to boost well-being.

Learning Objective #2

Be introduced to the Phlourish Program and learn the elements of well-being that can be changed through photography

Learning Objective #3

Engage in creative photographic prompts that can be used by coaches and practitioner to bring about positive change in their own lives and the lives of others.

Learning Objective #4

Discover two exercises can be used immediately in a coaching practice to enhance positive emotions, and a fun competition to enter!

Meet your instructor

Mandy Seligman

Mandy Seligman is a social developmental psychologist devoted to using positive psychology at all stages of life. She is also a fine arts photographer and a member of Soho Photo Gallery in New York City.

Mandy Seligman

Mandy is the founder of SeeingHappy, a non-profit dedicated to promoting photography as a path to finding happiness and well-being through attending to and sharing what we see as beautiful and good in our lives.