Starts September 2022 Limited Spaces


Learn how to turn coaching practice into positive psychology coaching (PPC).

Starts September 2022 Limited Spaces


Learn how to turn coaching practice into positive psychology coaching (PPC).

Course overview

Master Positive Psychology Coaching

This course aims to consolidate students’ learning into a practice based course to turn coaching practice into positive psychology coaching (PPC). Students will accumulate 40 hours of practice with their own clients, and build a portfolio of evidence to support and reflect their learning.

In the online sessions, students will receive ongoing peer and tutor mentoring and supervision which will help them to determine their own evidence-based, PPC coaching style. The sessions will enable students to reflect on, discuss, practice and observe Positive Psychology Coaching.

The themes that have been explored in the Applied Practice of Positive Psychology Coaching will guide this practice, and allow students to gain extra depth of understanding and practice. Students will also be encouraged to explore new evidence based approaches, tools and techniques.

The use of both case studies and real life coaching challenges will help to increase confidence and competence in skills, and provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their practice to aid their learning.

Discover your

Course Learning Objectives

During the Practicum course, you will:

Learning Objective #1

Be able to confidently apply PPC.

Learning Objective #2

Demonstrate reflective practice to aid their learning.

Learning Objective #3

Identify coaching strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Objective #4

Adapt their coaching practice in light of new learning.

Learning Objective #5

Be comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

Learning Objective #6

Become flexible and confident PPC practitioners.

Further details

Schedule, Format & Fees

This course is delivered online via four three hour live, interactive sessions on  Zoom. In total, there are 18 live training hours across six months, plus assessments. Enrol for just $900 USD.

Month 1

Introduction and identifying common coaching challenges

Month 2

Peer supervision

Month 3

Coaching practice

Month 4

Peer supervision

Month 5

Coaching innovation

Month 6

Peer supervision

Student Testimonials

Learn how the IPPC has helped people from all walks of life

"The IPPC truly embodies their values – Do Good and Prosper. If you’re looking to equip yourself with a strong foundation and practical practices of Positive Psychology and evidence-based coaching, you have come to the right place."
Sandra Tai
HR Consultant & Adjunct Mentor, Malaysia
"I’ve been coaching for 15 years and recognize the IPPC’s program as cutting edge. They combine empirical research, theories and models with real practical examples, blending fun interactive lectures with real support outside the classroom."
Satya Kartara-Leighton
CEO, BeInclusive, UK
"Every coach and leadership consultant can benefit from the IPPC’s certification program! I’m really impressed with the quality of instruction, resources, and other coaches. This program provides foundational knowledge to empower coaches and consultants."
Jason Roncoroni
Executive & Leadership Coach, US

Meet your instructor

Dr Marie Stopforth

Marie is a Coaching Psychologist, educator, facilitator and coach supervisor who works with individuals and teams in the areas of performance and wellbeing, and with business leaders and managers around individual and organizational effectiveness.

For nearly 20 years, Marie has been publishing research, and creating and delivering educational programs at the Undergraduate and Master levels. 

She is a former Program Leader for the MAPPCP at the University of East London, where she and her co-Program Leader developed a more integrated program for Positive Psychology Coaching. She has published and presented on positive psychology coaching and coaching psychology. Marie is also a committee member and professional development lead for the Special Group on Coaching Psychology with the British Psychological Society.

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