In Conversation with the IPPC’s Founder & CEO

As the IPPC celebrates its one year anniversary on February 8, 2022, our Founder and CEO, Meriflor Toneatto, answers questions and shares her thoughts about the IPPC’s journey so far.

Q1: Why did you launch the IPPC?

Launching the IPPC is an extension of my strong desire to contribute and give back  to the coaching profession.

I believe that coaching is a noble endeavour, and that coaches are transformation agents who value uplifting others and building a thriving practice that incorporates evidence-based research. 

I also believe in the power of positive psychology and coaching psychology. As a professional coach and researcher, I experienced first-hand the power of combining the noble endeavour of coaching with the science of applied positive psychology coaching.  

This was a profound realization that I wanted to share with other coaches and saw a gap in the market.

So, the IPPC was born to offer high quality evidence-based training, education and certification in applied positive psychology coaching.

Q2: What did you feel was missing in the coaching industry that the IPPC could address?

As I was completing my MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, I realized that there was a gap in the coaching industry in offering training on positive psychology coaching that integrates both positive psychology and coaching psychology with evidence-based coaching.  

There are training programs that either focus only on positive psychology or positive psychology and coaching, but not training on an integrated approach to positive psychology coaching with evidence-based coaching.

The IPPC exists to bridge this gap while also helping coaches to embody our motto “Do Good and Prosper”

Q3:  What does IPPC’s motto mean?

Our motto “Do good and prosper” expresses our ethos and our hope that IPPC coaches and leaders will create a positive ripple effect of on the world. 

 “Do good and prosper” refers two parts: the “good” and the “prosper”.

The “good” is about doing good, because when you become a better coach and evolve into the best version of yourself, that’s when you can make the most impact on those around you.

The “prosper” part is about giving you the skills and tools to help yourself and others flourish and thrive, and increase your earning potential in your field as well.

Q4:  There are many coaching programs out there already.  What makes the IPPC different?

In launching the IPPC, I want to elevate and advance the coaching profession.

For coaches who want to enhance their skills, increase their credibility and impact, and build a thriving evidence-based coaching practice, or improve the wellbeing and productivity of their team and organization, the IPPC is for you.

Here’s the IPPC’s difference:

  1. We have a unique approach – our curriculum is the first of its kind to take an integrated approach to applied positive psychology for advanced coach training that is grounded in scientific research and evidence-based practices.  We offer fully virtual live courses with a hybrid of 25% theory and 75% application focused on practical skills in applied positive psychology coaching.
  1. Credibility – our program is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation for continuing coach education. The IPPC credentials carry the weight and prestige of this internationally recognized organization that bridges theory and practice so you can be confident in learning and applying scientifically validated strategies and techniques.
  1. Expert faculty & coaches – our instructors, coaches, mentors and supervisors have a hybrid of formal training, expertise and experience as scholars, practitioners, coaches, researchers in positive psychology, coaching psychology, and/or psychology. With an average of 15-20 years of experience. diverse backgrounds and experience, they excel at connecting the dots, understanding theories, and applying them seamlessly in their work and life.
  1. Convenience – we are fully virtual so you can take courses anywhere around the globe.
  1. Business growth & marketing support – in addition to building your coaching skills, we also offer practical guidance, including marketing support for building your positive psychology coaching practice and business.  Our alumni can also have increased exposure through the IPPC’s directory.

Q5:  What has the IPPC’s journey been like so far?

It’s been a rewarding journey so far.  We’ve also risen to the challenges as well.  We launched the IPPC in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  While challenging, we viewed it as an incredible opportunity to make a bigger impact by highlighting the importance of enhancing wellbeing, leadership, resilience and facilitating positive change and greater meaning in people’s lives, which is essential in the times we live in.  

This past year we welcomed amazing students from 20 countries around the world. We’ve built a global network and community of experts, life-long learners, practitioners and professionals.

We are excited to celebrate the graduation of our first cohort this summer 2022.

Q6:  What message do you have for those interested in becoming a positive psychology coach?

The message I have for those interested in becoming a positive psychology coach is this:

Let us help you unlock your full potential by adding evidence-based coaching skills and techniques to your already existing professional toolkit and staying up-to-date with the latest research, which will up-level your credibility and maximize your impact and career.

Now is your time to enhance the wellbeing of yourself and your clients, team and organization.

Join us and become a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach at the IPPC.  We’d love to welcome you.

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