Fees & support

We're invested in your success

Here at the IPPC, we’re advocates for professional development over the long-term.

That’s why our program has two sustainable payment options. You can either pay one single fee – or spread the cost with 12 monthly instalments.

Student support

What to expect inside the program

When you apply and enrol onto our program, you’ll receive guidance and support from our expert instructors, dedicated coach, learning advisor, tutors and other students.

We’ve invested in the resources and technology to provide an exceptional learning experience.

Intuitive LMS

Our online Learning Management System (LMS) is your portal for everything that you’ll do in the IPPC - including joining live classes, assignment submissions, resources, checking your progress and feedback. Each online session is uploaded to LMS, which you can watch back at anytime.

Private Coaching

As part of the IPPC’s integrated approach to positive psychology coaching training, our program includes private coaching sessions from IPPC expert coaches that are tailored to you to support and guide you through your personal and professional growth.

Enhanced Wellbeing

Gain dual focus on enhancing your own and your client’s wellbeing, strengths and potential through reflective and reflexive practice.

Skills Development

Develop your skills by receiving evidence-based practical coach training from seasoned practitioners - and take part in practice groups.

Professional Recognition

Grow your coaching practice and career with personalized and tailored professional support, so you can feel confident as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach with accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Personal Support

The whole IPPC team and our Learning Advisors are all on hand to guide you throughout your journey with us. Ultimately, your success is our success, which is why we'll go above and beyond to ensure you achieve your professional goals.