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The IPPC offers advanced training for coaches. We don’t teach you how to coach, but if you are already a coach and want to deepen your knowledge, then this is the program for you.

The Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coaching program is split into two levels and contains 129 ICF continuing education credits.

Study is conducted through online digital recordings for the Certificate Level 1 so you can complete the program conveniently at your own pace 

A Certificate of Completion is awarded after five courses are completed at Level 1.

Study for the Diploma Level 2 is conducted through live practicum classes and small group or individual supervision over 6 months.

A Diploma and designation of Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach (CAPPC) is awarded after the completion of level 2.

The program follows a pre-set order of courses. It is possible to set your own study pace however, and we understand that most of our students are working while studying so we do offer the possibility to defer your studies to suit your personal circumstances.

At the IPPC we care about your success as a student and there are different options depending on the level of support you would wish to receive.  For Level 1 we offer our students the opportunity to communicate with other students through an online forum moderated by the Student Success Coordinator. It is also possible to book 1 to 1 tutoring sessions, and of course you can always contact our Program Coordinator and Student Success Coordinator with any questions you might have.

Yes, approximately every 8 weeks, we offer a live online workshop within our Enrichment series. Also, at the Level 2, the practicum classes and supervision are held live.

We offer a partial grant for consideration of exceptional financial circumstances on an application basis. To apply click here.

This depends on your study pace. The minimum complete time for Level 1 is 5 months and 6 months for Level 2.  The full Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coaching program can be completed within 12 months.

There are open courses (i.e. no prerequisites) that the IPPC offers from time to time. Please join our mailing list and we will notify you when the next open course is available.

When you enrol at the IPPC you will get access to our Learning Management System (LMS). In the LMS you can access the lessons and materials, engage with other students, contact your instructor and tutor, submit your assignments and get your results.

Yes. Within our Learning Management System (LMS) you will have access to the student forum where you can communicate with other students around the globe. We would like to encourage all students to make active use of the forum in order to learn together with your peers. The forum is moderated by our Student Success Coordinator.

Our courses are taught by an international faculty of experienced scholars, coaches, researchers and practitioners – all who have formal training in coaching, applied positive psychology, and/or coaching psychology.  Most of our faculty have a PhD or are studying towards one.  They have an average of 15-20 years of experience and are experts at connecting the dots, understanding theories, and applying these seamlessly in their work and life.  For more on our faculty, please click here.


At the IPPC, we understand the importance of high standards in the coaching profession. Our evidence-based coach training curriculum is accredited by the ICF for continuing education credits. The credentials you will earn with the IPPC will carry the weight and prestige of an internationally recognized organization. 

The IPPC also wants our coaches and leaders to “do good and prosper”. In the Level 1 you will learn the theory and get examples and practice on how to start applying this in your own coaching work. In Level 2 you will further practice what you have learned in order to master Positive Psychology coaching as well as how to implement this in your own business and differentiate your offering from those of other coaches.

Please check the details of our programs to learn more.

No, the individual accreditation fees required by the ICF are separate from the IPPC certification fees. The IPPC operates independently from the ICF.

The IPPC’s curriculum is ICF-accredited for advanced coach training and continuing education credits (CCEs). This means that we do not offer courses to teach students the basics of coaching that is required for an ICF credential (e.g. an Associate Certified coach).

However, the program can be included towards the ACC and PCC portfolio path. We suggest contacting the ICF directly for further details as there have been updates to the credentialing requirements.

Both the completion of Level 1 and Level 2 courses are required to be recognized as a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach.  

The IPPC’s curriculum is the first of its kind, using an integrated approach to applied positive psychology coaching by combining the science of positive psychology and coaching psychology with the application of evidence-based coaching. It was designed to deepen your learning and advance your practical coaching skills throughout each course as you progress in the program.

You will receive a certificate of completion for each IPPC course that you complete, as well as for the completion of Levels 1 and 2 (full certification).

You can upload the certificate(s) when you renew your credentials, and they will be recognized by the ICF.

Graduate Services & Refunds

Yes, after graduation there is an alumni group and an annual certification membership, which enables you to be part of the IPPC directory as well as take additional seminars to keep up your training in applied positive psychology coaching.

In addition, you will have lifetime access to the materials and recordings from your enrolled courses.

For those registered in the Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coaching Program wishing to withdraw from a course or the program, fee policy is as follows: 

For those who have paid in full: 

  • 50% refund if applicant has started level one but decides to withdraw
  • No refund after 15 days 

No refund for individual courses or enrichment series. 

All requests for refunds must be sent to admissions@theippc.com

Please submit your enquiry, we would be happy to answer your specific questions.