Essentials of Somatic Coaching

An online experiential workshop to enhance your coaching techniques.

Workshop Details

This workshop is designed as an introduction to the evidence-based approach of somatic coaching, or the inclusion and involvement of the body within the context of a coaching relationship.

The foundational theory of somatic coaching is that the body holds emotions, wisdom and intuition about ourselves, our lives and our direction that we can tap into to help us find greater authentic experiences. Therefore, this workshop will look at how this practice connects body mind and spirit and how we can approach this work with our clients.

The workshop features a mixture of experiential interactive learning and exercises, lecture, and peer engagement. The introductory discussion of the concept of somatic coaching can help coaches appreciate how to enhance our practice with a careful attention to our clients’ physical experience. Discussions also focus on how we can approach this topic in a secular, professional and safe manner that adheres to the coaching code of ethics set out by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Who is this workshop for?

Coaches, Practitioners & Professionals

This workshop – which is part of The Enrichment Series – is for coaches, practitioners and professionals without a coaching background who are interested in personal and professional development, and exposure to Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching, Evidence-Based Coaching, and beyond.

Discover your

Workshop Learning Objectives

During the workshop, you complete the following learning objectives.

Learning Objective #1

To gain an understanding of somatic coaching and the core principles in this evidence-based approach - and why it matters.

Learning Objective #2

Conduct an examination of the relationship between mindfulness, awareness and trust and the practice of somatic coaching.

Learning Objective #3

Gain a deeper understanding of the basic model of somatic coaching: awareness, opening and practices and how they can be applied in a coaching relationship.

Meet your instructors

Kimberley Wakefield, MAPP, MBA

Kimberley has been a leadership coach for the past five years, and has 10 years of executive experience in marketing, sales, and brand management.

Politically minded and driven, Kimberley has worked on a number of federal and provincial political campaigns and lobby groups, as well as held numerous board positions for political parties.

She received an Award of Distinction for her MAPP and dissertation during her academic career, and held the position of Communications Chair for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. Kimberley thrives on co-creating new and more-positive realities for her clients and forging deeper connections to see hope, change, and growth.