Using Strengths in Executive Coaching for Reflection and Planning

Take a moment to synthesis learnings, and focus attention on opportunities that align with your strengths and values.

Workshop Details

Following two years of uncertainty and change, an end of year review can be an ideal way to press pause, take a moment to synthesis learnings, and focus attention on opportunities that align with our strengths and values.

This workshop introduces Executive and Leadership Coaches to some scientific methods of leveraging strengths for reflection and planning. We will take a practical and engaging approach to utilising strengths to help reflect, learn, grow and plan.

This workshop will also provide students with the opportunity to be reflective and reflexive. In-class activities will challenge coaches to review how they are using their strengths to best effect so that they can model a new way of being to their clients.

This workshop is especially applicable for executive and leadership coaches, business coaches and positive psychology coaches. The lessons learned can also be applied by life coaches.

Who is this workshop for?

Coaches, Practitioners & Professionals

This workshop – which is part of The Enrichment Series – is for coaches, practitioners and professionals without a coaching background who are interested in personal and professional development, and exposure to Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching, Evidence-Based Coaching, and beyond.

Discover your

Workshop Learning Objectives

During the workshop, you complete the following learning objectives.

Learning Objective #1

Understand what a strengths-based approach is.

Learning Objective #2

Utlilise the Values in Action strengths tool for reflection, review and planning.

Learning Objective #3

Discuss how they, as coaches, can ensure they are using their personal strengths to best effect.

Learning Objective #4

Identifying coaching approaches that can facilitate clients to leverage their own strengths.

Meet your instructor

Lindsay Foreman MSc., PhD

Lindsay is a leadership and executive coach, doctoral PhD. in Coaching & Mentoring, a researcher on goal attainment and strengths, and a leadership and executive coach.

An award-winning business consultant in outsourcing and transformation, Lindsay has made Positive Psychology a mainstay in her life since 2011.

She completed her MAPPCP degree by designing and testing a Positive Psychology board game called The Game Changer, which transformed the way she engaged her clients. Lindsay has consulted for corporate leadership teams in large global organizations such as IBM and SITA, and has worked in Spain, US, Italy, France, Ireland and the UK, where she was part of the team that led the UK air transport community recovery program after 9/11. She currently has her ideal work-life balance, enjoying sunbathing on the coast of Spain, skiing up mountains, and training for Ironman Austria 2021.