Coaching With Humour, Seriously

This workshop is serious fun! Through positive psychology theories, tools and techniques, we explore how and when humour, playfulness and laughter can support coaches, coachees and teams.

Workshop Details

In this workshop, we probe common questions on how to apply research findings around the links between the character strength of humour and wellbeing, for example: If humour improves wellbeing, should we simply laugh more in coaching sessions? Should coachees simply develop a better sense of humour in the light of today’s many challenges? Is humour the cure for happier teams at work? In this interactive workshop, we explore these and other questions. We introduce ways in which they might be used by coaches, positive psychology practitioners and leaders.

Participants are invited to join in experiential activities and discussions to have some fun, but also test the boundaries of humour and learn how to laugh responsibly.

Who is this workshop for?

Coaches, Practitioners & Professionals

This workshop – which is part of The Enrichment Series – is for coaches, practitioners and professionals without a coaching background who are interested in personal and professional development, and exposure to Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching, Evidence-Based Coaching, and beyond.

Discover your

Workshop Learning Objectives

During the workshop, you complete the following learning objectives.

Learning Objective #1

Understand the difference between humour, playfulness and laughter.

Learning Objective #2

Understand psychological safety, humour and when humour is appropriate depending on time, place and culture.

Learning Objective #3

Link humour to different mindsets like positivity, playfulness and toxic positivity.

Learning Objective #4

Understand the roles humour and laughter may play in coaching relationships, in leadership and teams.

Meet your instructors

Silvia King & Jannie Stricker

Jannie Stricke focuses on performance through wellbeing at work. She works with individuals, teams, and companies increasing job satisfaction and wellbeing. She helps leaders develop and flourish.

Jannie holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology from the University of East London. She is a member of,and accredited with the EMCC. She is a certified practitioner of the MBTI Step I and MBT Step II Instruments, Mental Health First aider, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher and certified Laughter Yoga Trainer.

Silvia King is an enthusiastic empowerer of people. She works with individuals and teams to help them flourish through 1-to-1 Positive Psychology coaching and workshops.

Silvia is a PhD candidate with Heriot Watt University, holds an MA/lic.oec.publ. from the University of Zurich and an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology from the University of East London.

She is an EMCC-accredited Senior Practitioner coach, member of the British Psychological Society (GMBPSS), a certified facilitator for Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, MTa® Experiential Learning facilitator and certified Laughter Yoga Trainer.