Coaching for Post-traumatic Growth

This workshop introduces participants to the second wave positive psychology construct of Post-traumatic Growth (PTG).

Workshop Details

In this workshop, we will examine theories, models, tools and techniques that coaches can use to facilitate their clients to achieve growth following trauma.

This workshop will also provide participants with the opportunity to be reflective and reflexive. Virtual activities will challenge and inspire participants to review how trauma may affect a client’s coachability, the competencies they need as coaches, and when coaching is appropriate so that they can work collaboratively with their clients.

In a post-pandemic world, this course is especially applicable for positive psychology coaches, life coaches, business coaches as well as coaches who subscribe to a particular field of coaching e.g. CBT coaches, ACT coaches, and practitioners.

Who is this workshop for?

Coaches, Practitioners & Professionals

This workshop – which is part of The Enrichment Series – is for coaches, practitioners and professionals without a coaching background who are interested in personal and professional development, and exposure to Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching, Evidence-Based Coaching, and beyond.

Discover your

Workshop Learning Objectives

During the workshop, you complete the following learning objectives.

Learning Objective #1

Understand the definition of trauma, and how it may affect clients.

Learning Objective #2

Learn the concept of post-traumatic growth and the facilitators that have been found in the literature.

Learning Objective #3

Discuss the ethics of coaching for PTG, including the boundaries between coaching and therapy; when coaching is not the best approach; and the need for supervision for the coach.

Learning Objective #4

Identify coaching approaches that can facilitate clients to navigate towards post traumatic growth.

Meet your instructor

Petra Walker CPsychol, MA(Oxon), MSc. Psych, MSc (MAPPCP)

Petra is a Chartered Coaching Psychologist, speaker and writer, specialising in Positive Psychology Coaching.

Petra’s coaching journey began in Hong Kong in 2006, and she has since worked in South Korea, Kuwait, Poland, and Dubai. She is a researcher, writer and speaker. She has published her research on Post Traumatic Growth, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Scuba diving and presented it at several international positive psychology conferences. She also co-authored a chapter on posttraumatic growth and adventure in a forthcoming text book on Adventure.

As well as running her private practice, and being the IPPC Programme and Assessment Coordinator, Petra is also an Associate Coach with NEO Leaders at INSEAD, the Business School for the World.

The most rewarding part of her professional life is when she sees a message from a client saying “Thanks, I did it!”