Meet our Alumni

Aoife Mollin

MSc, ACC, CAPPC, is a positive career and leadership coach specializing in positive psychology coaching.

Aoife is a graduate of the IPPC’s Diploma program in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching and is a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach (CAPPC).

Profile Photo Aoife Mollin

Q: Tell us briefly about yourself, your professional background, and what drew you to the IPPC’s applied positive psychology coaching program? 

I set up AMA Results in 2015 to work with companies on helping senior and mid-level leaders engage, retain and develop talent in their teams through career and leadership coaching and training. Prior to setting up AMA Results, I had worked within corporate finance and strategy consulting. It was during my time as a strategy consultant that I got interested in learning and development – I found myself in a middle manager role and working alongside middle and senior managers in client organisations I could see that the “squeezed middle” needed support in terms of people development.

This started my own journey of learning and having completed further training, I set up AMA Results initially to focus on leadership development for middle managers. When I started working with managers in one-to-one coaching sessions, I found the career questions coming up repeatedly,

Is this what I want?

I was working to get promoted and now I don’t know what to aim for, and

I don’t know if I want this, because I am struggling with the work-life balance with all the additional responsibility.

 In 2017, I started my master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London and after completing the program, I was starting to bring in a positive psychology approach to my work. The IPPC program cemented everything together and allowed me to clearly bring positive psychology coaching into my programs.

Q: What insights, change or transformation did you experience during the program, and how has it impacted you, your wellbeing, and coaching practice?

When completing IPPC’s level two of the Diploma program, I developed my positive career development program called “Your Career Move Strategy”. In doing so, I was able to get input from other positive psychology coaches and have discussions on the niche. This allowed me to hone in on the specifics of the program and how I would deliver it.

As part of the IPPC’s Level 2 program, we also had the opportunity to take part in group supervision alongside other positive psychology coaches, during this I noticed that my confidence had grown. Although I was a trained coach prior to the program, I didn’t have the confidence when practicing positive psychology coaching and the programme gave me the confidence by realizing through discussions and supervision that the various aspects of my coaching had all come together for the benefit of my clients.

Q: Describe your coaching practice today as a result of completing the IPPC’s applied positive psychology coaching program

 I developed The Chess Method for Your Career Move Strategy which supports individuals working within corporate organizations to get to the root cause of what is stopping them getting clear and making a decision about their next career move. It helps with self-confidence, wellbeing, clarity and decision making which means they are more self-motivated, energized, and committed to their role.

C – Confidence to make choices in your career
H – Health and wellbeing prioritised to get the right balance
E – Enhanced evaluation of options
S – Self driven and self-motivated to go after what you want
S – Strategy – confident in the overall strategy you will have in place to move forward

The program is delivered online to aid with logistics and productivity, in either a group or self-study format depending on specific requirements.

Q: Please provide an example or case study of how you are uniquely expressing applied positive psychology coaching in your own practice?

The ethos I take from positive psychology coaching is the solution-focused, whole person approach. This focuses on the client as a whole person so it’s about success in all areas of life – with career as one of the main drivers. Within organisations, people are the most valuable asset and investing in them and their career and leadership development will deliver an immeasurable life-long ROI as people stay and help drive the business forward in all areas, and make it a great place to work for all.

A client I worked with was struggling with having confidence in her ability to get promoted to the next level within her organization. We worked across a number of areas including the Best Possible Self positive psychology approach so that the client had a clear understanding of her motivation behind why she wanted to go for a promotion. As part of this work, her value of work-life balance became clear to her and by working on her strengths and where the client was already using these, they were able to recognize how they could manage their work situation in line with how they wanted to live their life.

We used a mix of solution-focused coaching and cognitive behavioural coaching so that the client experienced a shift in their thinking which allowed them to go forward for promotion with stronger boundaries in place; clearer values; a higher level of confidence and no extra work to get promoted.

The client was very happy to get promoted to a more senior role and reflected on the positive impact to areas of their wellbeing and life outside of work as the things that felt really valuable outside of the actual promotion.

Q: What advice do you have for other coaches interested in positive psychology coaching and the IPPC’s program?

If you are looking for a program that can give you practical tools that you can apply in your coaching, then this will work for you. Not only will you have additional tools, it can help to shape the future direction of your business with positive psychology coaching underpinning your offerings.  You will also connect in with a network of coaches that are interested in positive psychology coaching and interested in keeping aligned with the latest research in the area. There are so many benefits outside of just the learning from completing the program. 

The IPPC offers ICF-accredited, evidence-based, advanced training and business development leading to a diploma and designation as a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach (CAPPC). Get started here.